Our Mission

To launch sustainable marketplace initiatives that meet the physical and spiritual needs of our world.


Our Vision

To become a community of spiritual entrepreneurs who use the power of the marketplace to win our world for Christ.


Our Story...


There once was a pastor and his wife with a passion for teens and children...

They were very fortunate indeed because they were surrounded by friends and family with the same heart and conviction. So in 1996 they decided to start a new ministry called Back2Back. That ministry began to grow and require more and more resources as they discovered new locations locally and around the world in desperate need of care.

One day the Pastor was talking with God about his frustration with the lack of resources to fulfill their vision. God spoke into His heart, “Stop whining”, and the pastor didn’t argue because he knew he was whining. God told him he needed to look no further than the gifts of his congregation. It was then that he had an unorthodox, and some would say, crazy idea.

Why not use the God-given gifts and talents of the people in their church to build businesses that would help bring more financial resources to serve the efforts of those in ministry at home and around the world? This could give the hurting people they served the ability to dream of a limitless future!

And with that, Self-Sustaining Enterprises was born.

They began to invest into new businesses (that they called "Biznistries") on their church campus, around their town, and around the world. The road was rough. They made a lot of mistakes and were often discouraged, but the SSE team worked, prayed, sacrificed, and learned together. And with God’s help, the vision slowly became a reality.

With profits provided by these biznistries, people ministering directly to those in need were given resources to provide clean water, jobs, food, protection, education, social and emotional development, while sharing the love of Christ to those in need.

Today, Self-Sustaining Enterprises is providing a small portion of the seemingly overwhelming needs.

But we can imagine a day when the resources outpace the projects because we trust in our God who said, “I can do immeasurably more than all you can ever ask for or imagine”.

Jeff Greer,   President

Jeff Greer, President