International Biznistries

Many of our international Biznistries are currently operating in Jos, Nigeria. Many years of chasing our vision to help those in desperate need is now coming to fruition. From chicken and pig farms to agricultural cooperatives, SSE has successfully launched multiple biznistries which are establishing economic ecosystems for communities in Jos.


H2O Nigeria

H2O Nigeria is a fresh water well initiative which began in…


Jos Poultry Cooperative

The Jos Poultry Cooperative was created as a simple working model to provide jobs to communities in Jos. The primary objective is to raise chickens to be used for feeding as well as selling for profits. Poultry Cooperative currently employs 20+ people.


Jos Pig Nursery

The Jos Pig Nursery has proven to be another beneficial platform for economic development. Over 25 people are employed in this biznistry which raises pigs in order to provide food and income for numerous Nigerian families.


Jos Plant Nursery

The Jos Plant Nursery….